TALKS - for conferences and workshops

As Dr Bergman charges per day, his time is best used for whole day workshops. For such workshops, the basic neuroscience and evidence base is best covered with any two of the following titles. They are based on 90 minute presentations,  but can if necessary be condensed a little. Conclusions can be customised to address specific issues or Conference themes.

"Perinatal neuroscience and skin-to-skin contact"

“The Scientific and Evidence Base for Skin-to-skin Contact” 

 “Kangaroo Mother Care: Restoring the Original Paradigm for Infant Care"


The following topics are all 90 minute presentations, which are available in 60 minute versions. They build on core knowledge from the first two presentations, they prefer not to  stand alone!

 “Neurologically supportive Labour ward and NICU environments”

“Clinical research update on skin-to-skin contact”

“Skin-to-skin contact: current evidence and future directions”

“A neurobehavioural approach to breastfeeding”, (incl’ breastfeeding premature infants)

“A Neurobehavioural approach to feeding frequency” (evidence on stomach capacity)

“Maternal perinatal neurobehaviour”

“Anthropological and sociological aspects of skin-to-skin contact”


The following can stand alone, but make more sense at the end of a workshop or conference. The implementation session can be done with audience participation, for which 120 minutes is preferable, (looks at social marketing and strategy planning in local context)

 “Third World solutions for premature infants”

 “Public health implementation of skin-to-skin contact”

"Skin-to-skin contact and cost implications for care"


Information about Talks 

All talks have prepared outlines, objectives and references.
On request, content can be customised, and these can be amended appropriately.

Note however:

1          They are described by titles which seek to convey the content succinctly, but cover broad areas of collated research..

2          Though they are presented here as standard talks, they are constantly changing and developing as new science and knowledge becomes available.

3          The detailed content for each talk is described in outlines and objectives, and are not provided in this document.

4          Dr Bergman will of his own make minor adjustments and tailor his presentation to any specific conference theme or title, or to perceived or observed needs.

5          Dr Bergman is prepared to give other talks, or tailor content according to particular needs, by special arrangement as negotiated.

6          Dr Bergman can also provide Powerpoint summaries of his talks in “handout format”; note however that he never gives exactly the same talk twice, therefore these handouts will not accurately match his presentation.  

            (A selection of slides on CD is available with a DVD of videos distributed by Geddes Productions .)

7          Audiences should be encouraged to follow the presentation without reference to handouts or making notes, as Dr Bergman talks too fast for that.   J