Standardized talks

The talks have objectives, outlines, and references, which can be downloaded in Word format.
This set represents the core set of information I like to share, the content has minimal overlap.

Code Title Ob/Out Refs Abst
C2 Perinatal neuroscience and skin-to-skin contact YES YES YES
C4 Kangaroo Mother Care: Restoring the Original Paradigm for Infant Care YES YES  YES
C4 The Scientific and Evidence Base for Skin-to-skin Contact YES
C16 Neurologically supportive Labour ward and NICU environments YES  YES
C10 Clinical research update on skin-to-skin contact YES
0911 Skin-to-skin contact: current evidence and future directions
C6 A neurobehavioural approach to breastfeeding YES  YES
C7 A Neurobehavioural approach to feeding frequency YES  YES  YES
C8 Practical aspects of skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding  YES
C11 Maternal perinatal neurobehaviour YES  YES
C11 Neuroscience of parenting (incl fathers)
1112 Evolutionary biology and the modern NICU
C14 Anthropological and sociological aspects of skin-to-skin contact YES  YES
C8 Public health implementation of skin-to-skin contact YES  YES
C15 Third World solutions for premature infants YES

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