Past engagements

Previous tours from January 2007 onwards

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22 – 24 Feb 2007 Portsmouth, Virginia
10th March 2007 Rome, Italy
19th April 2007 Orebro, Sweden
25th April 2007 Uppsala, Sweden
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6th May 2007 Perth, Australia
8th May 2007 Adelaide, Australia
9th May 2007 Melbourne, Australia
10th May 2007 Sydney, Australia
11th May 2007 Newcastle, Australia
13th May 2007 Brisbane, Australia
15th May 2007 Christchurch, New Zealand
17th May 2007 Auckland, New Zealand
JUNE 2007
1st – 2nd June 2007 Toronto, Canada
5th June 2007 Boston
7th – 8th June 2007 Salt Lake City, Utah
10th – 11th September New York, USA
13th September 2007 Denver, Colorado
14th September 2007 Redlands CA
15th September 2007 Mission Viejo, Los Angeles
18th September 2007 Visalia CA
19th September 2007 LAC USC MC
20th September 2007 Santa Maria CA
21st September 2007 Santa Barbara CA
9th-10th Oct 2007 San Bernadino, CA
10th October Loma Linda: physicians evening
11th-15th Oct 2007 Cleveland, Ohio (WORKSHOP)
21st – 22nd Oct 2007 Sicily, Italy
26th October 2007 Stockholm, Sweden
30th October 2007 Copenhagen, Denmark
APRIL 2009
11th – 13th April 2009 Vermont, USA
16th – 17th April 2009 Fresno CA
23rd – 24th April 2009 Alaska
30th April 2009 Raleigh NC
2nd May 2009 Phoenix AZ
4th May 2009 Alexandria VA
JUNE 2009
1st June 2009 Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
4th June 2009 Montreal, Canada
6th to 8th June 2009 Oklahoma
11th June 2009 Monterrey, Mexico
13th June 2009 Dallas, TX
25th June 2009 GOLD (Global Online Discussion)
JULY 2009
19th – 20th July 2009 LLLI Physicians Seminar, Chicago
21st – 23rd July 2009 LLLI Conference, Chicago
15th – 19th August 2009 Hollister – San Diego (ILCA)
20th – 21st August 2009 Midway, UT
23rd -25th August 2009 St Petersburg, FL
31st August 2009 Helsingborg, Sweden
29th – 30th Sept 2009 Portland Oregon (Gentle Birth WConf)
5th October Honolulu, Hawaii
10th October 2009 Connecticut
12th October 2009 St Paul
MARCH 2010
4th- 5th March Blackpool & Lancaster, UK
7th March London: Tower Hamlet
14th March Alesund Norway
APRIL 2010
16-17th April Gold Standard, Mississippi
18th April Baton Rouge
21st April New Orleans
23rd – 26th April New Jersey area
30th May Rochester, MN (IBMP)
2nd May Medford, Oregon
MAY 2010
9th -25th May Indonesian Study Tour
(Cape Town and Pretoria)
JUNE 2010
2-4th June BAPM, United Kingdom
5th June Wakefield UK
6th June Bradford UK
9th-10th June Austin TX
12th-13th June Fairfax VA
JULY 2010
11-13th July LLL, South Africa (PE
8-9th September Miami Florida
12th September KLIC Kentucky
13th-15th Sept Gainsville, FL
17th – 18th Sept Mesa Arizona
2nd October Halmstad, Sweden
3rd October Trondheim, Norway
6-7th October
Uppsala, Sweden, then
8-10th October 7th INK Workshop
13th October Milwaukee
25th -28th Octoberr 19th NIDCAP meeting (Graylin NC)
29th – 30th October Alabama
14th November Herlev Hospital, Denmark
17th November Long Beach Memorial Hospital
18th November Visalia
19th November Stockton
20th November NPA (Loma Linda)
21st November Riverside Community Hospital

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