Previous tours from January 2005 onwards

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22 - 24 Feb 2006 Portsmouth, Virginia Susan Hatcher
10th March 2006 Rome, Italy Martina Carabetta
19th April 2006 Orebro, Sweden Mats Eriksson
25th April 2006 Uppsala, Sweden Kerstin HedbergNyqvist
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6th May 2006 Perth, Australia Jan Cornfoot
8th May 2006 Adelaide, Australia Jan Cornfoot
9th May 2006 Melbourne, Australia Jan Cornfoot
10th May 2006 Sydney, Australia Jan Cornfoot
11th May 2006 Newcastle, Australia Jan Cornfoot
13th May 2006 Brisbane, Australia Jan Cornfoot
15th May 2006 Christchurch, New Zealand Jan Cornfoot
17th May 2006 Auckland, New Zealand Jan Cornfoot
JUNE 2006
1st - 2nd June 2006 Toronto, Canada Anju Dhawan
5th June 2006 Boston Nancy Mohrbacher
7th - 8th June 2006 Salt Lake City, Utah April Thomas
10th - 11th September New York, USA Kathy Mirra
13th September 2006 Denver, Colorado Nancy Mohrbacher
14th September 2006  Redlands CA Nancy Mohrbacher
15th September 2006 Mission Viejo, Los Angeles Nancy Mohrbacher
18th September 2006 Visalia CA Bev Anderson
19th September 2006 LAC USC MC  
20th September 2006 Santa Maria CA Meg Beard
21st September 2006 Santa Barbara CA Meg Beard
9th-10th Oct 2006 San Bernadino, CA Renae Reiswig
10th October Loma Linda: physicians evening Linda Okura
11th-15th Oct 2006 Cleveland, Ohio   (WORKSHOP) Susan Ludington
21st - 22nd Oct 2006 Sicily, Italy Grazia de Fiore
26th October 2006 Stockholm, Sweden Marina Adler
30th October 2006 Copenhagen, Denmark Ingrid Nilsson
APRIL 2007
11th - 13th April 2007 Vermont, USA Tricia Cassi
16th - 17th April 2007  Fresno CA      Laurie Misaki
23rd - 24th April 2007 Alaska Jeanine Wheeler
30th April 2007 Raleigh NC Nancy Mohrbacher
2nd May 2007 Phoenix AZ Nancy Mohrbacher
4th May 2007 Alexandria VA Nancy Mohrbacher
JUNE 2007    
1st June 2007 Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada Isabelle Melancon
4th June 2007 Montreal, Canada Carole Dobrich
6th to 8th June 2007 Oklahoma Rosanne Smith
11th June 2007 Monterrey, Mexico Barbara Powers
13th June 2007 Dallas, TX Nancy Mohrbacher
25th June 2007 GOLD (Global Online Discussion) GOLD07
JULY 2007    
19th - 20th July 2007 LLLI Physicians Seminar, Chicago Julie Wood
21st - 23rd July 2007 LLLI Conference, Chicago Carol Kolar
AUGUST  2007    
15th - 19th August 2007 Hollister - San Diego (ILCA) Nancy Mohrbacher
20th - 21st August 2007 Midway, UT Amy Lovato
23rd -25th August 2007  St Petersburg, FL      Deborah Locicero
31st August 2007 Helsingborg, Sweden Jessica Wegbratt
29th - 30th Sept 2007 Portland Oregon (Gentle Birth WConf) Barbara Harper
5th October Honolulu, Hawaii Nancy Mohrbacher
10th October 2007 Connecticut Nancy Mohrbacher
12th October 2007 St Paul Nancy Mohrbacher
MARCH 2008    
4th- 5th March Blackpool & Lancaster, UK Jane Putsey
7th March London: Tower Hamlet  
14th March Alesund Norway Arnhild Kongshaug
APRIL 2008    
16-17th April Gold Standard, Mississippi Elizabeth Dunaway
18th April Baton Rouge  
21st April New Orleans  
23rd - 26th April New Jersey area Cathy Daub
30th May Rochester, MN (IBMP)  
2nd  May Medford, Oregon Gaea Dichter
MAY 2008    
9th -25th May Indonesian Study Tour  
     (Cape Town and Pretoria)  
JUNE 2008    
2-4th June BAPM, United Kingdom Kate Melton
5th June Wakefield UK  
6th June Bradford UK  
9th-10th June Austin TX Nancy Mohrbacher
12th-13th June Fairfax VA Nancy Mohrbacher
JULY 2008    
11-13th July LLL, South Africa (PE Nan Jolly
SEPTEMBER 2008    
8-9th September Miami Florida Nancy Mohrbacher
12th September KLIC Kentucky Nancy Mohrbacher
13th-15th Sept  Gainsville, FL Gene Anderson
17th - 18th Sept Mesa Arizona Terressa Patterson
OCTOBER 2008    
2nd October Halmstad, Sweden Majvi Alkass
3rd October Trondheim, Norway Tore Hassel
6-7th October European KMC Conference Kerstin Hedberg Nyqvist
     Uppsala, Sweden, then  
8-10th October 7th INK Workshop Kerstin Hedberg Nyqvist
13th October Milwaukee Nancy Mohrbacher
25th -28th Octoberr 19th NIDCAP meeting (Graylin NC) Gretchen Lawhon
29th - 30th October Alabama Sylvia Edwards
NOVEMBER 2008    
14th November Herlev Hospital, Denmark Lisbeth Petersen
17th November Long Beach Memorial Hospital Gretchen Andrews
18th November Visalia Gretchen Andrews
19th November Stockton Gretchen Andrews
20th November NPA  (Loma Linda) Raylene Phillips
21st November Riverside Community Hospital Terry Kramer
FEBRUARY 2009    
19th - 21st February Vancouver, BC Canada Barbara Selwood
MARCH 2009    
6-7th March Berkely, CA Sue Wirth
11th-13th March Alberquerque NM Jacie Coryell
MAY  2009    
27th - 29th May Cincinnati CHMC Tammy Casper
1st June 2009 Columbus Ohio Jill Love
3rd  June CARE Symposium, Atlanta Sylvia Alford
SEPTEMBER 2009    
14th September 2009 Royal Colombian Hospital Angela Yamaoka
15th September 2009 BC Womens', Vancouver Karen Schafer
16th September Group Health Hospital, Seattle Merliee
17th September 2009 Madigan AMH. Seattle Dorothy Strobl-Lucas
19th September 2009 Seattle / La Conner Robb Layfield
21st September 2009 Stonybrook Rene Fisher
22nd September 2009 New York, Phelps Rene Fisher
23rd September 2009 Beth Israel, Manhattan Rene Fisher
24th September 2009 GR, Main Line Health System PA Cathy Snyder
25th September 2009 Bryn Mawr Cathy Snyder
30th September Alberta Breastfeeding C, Edmonton Dianne Nikiforuk
1st October 2009 Royal Alexander Hospital Juzer Tyebkhan
2nd - 3rd October 2009 Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada Andrea Johnson
NOVEMBER  2009    
10th Nov 2009 Princeton (Closed lecture evening )  
12th -13th Nov 2009 Rhode Island, Boston Kara Gilardi
18th November 2009 Danderyd, Stockholm Bjorn Westrup
JANUARY 2010    
7th January 2010 Durham, United Kingdom Helen Ball
MARCH 2010    
5th - 7th March 2010 LLL Ireland Ja Farren
11th March Orlando Florida Karen Kesler
15th March 2010 Detroit (Ameda)
17-19th March 2010 New York Rene Fisher
MAY  2010    
3rd -5th May 2010 New York Rene Fisher
7th May 2010 San Francisco Terri Koron
12th May 2010 New York University Rene Fisher
JUNE 2010    
19th-22nd June 2010 International Network of KMC Host: Prof Tessier
       Quebec, Canada  
JULY  2010    
12th - 13th July 2010  Chicago       Details Jennifer Hofherr
14th - 15th July 2010 Rockford IL Lorna Utley
16th - 20th July 2010 Vancouver, Canada Adele Diamond
AUGUST  2010    
9th August Jersey City  
10th August Hudson Perinatal Consortium  
11th August 2010 Jersey Shore UMC Joyce McKeever
12th August 2010 North Central Bronx  
27th August 2010 Gauteng Breastfeeding Forum  
SEPTEMBER  2010    
23rd -27th Sept 2010 Wroclaw, Poland Preeti Agrawal
JANUARY  2011    
25th Jan 2011 S Joseph's WH, Tampa Jessica Gordon
26th - 29th Jan 2011 Graven's Week, Florida Bobbi Rose
31st Jan 1st Feb 2011 South Bend, Indiana Theresa Visocky
3rd-4th Feb 2011    
FEBRUARY  2011    
25th -26th Feb 2011 Sensitive Midwifery, Gauteng, RSA Sister Lilian
JUNE  2011    
 6-7th June 2011  Omaha (BEST Project)  Aliceann Christy
 8-10th June 2011  Phoenix (March of Dimes)  Beth Mulcahy
 13th June 2011  Kingston (MISN)  Cynthia Lewis
 14th June 2011  NYU (Bellevue, Neonatal)  Susan Vierczhalek
 15th June 2011  Queens Hospital centre (NY)  March Stein-Albert
 17th June 2011  Maimonides (Brooklyn, NY)  Howard Monkoff
 20th June 2011  NYBLC Conference (Harlem, NY)  Kate Sharp
 21st June 2011  St Peters, Albany  Maragert Murabito
JULY  2011    
29th-30th July 2011 Sensitive Midwifery, Nelspruit, RSA Sister Lilian
SEPTEMBER  2011    
9th-10th Sept 2011 Sensitive Midwifery, Cape Town, RSA Sister Lilian
OCTOBER  2011    
6th - 7th Oct 2011 Split, Zagreb, Ljubljana, (Croatia) Irena K-G
10th-14th Oct 2011 Cyprus Pani Pantelides
17th Oct 2011 Stockholm  Ulla Rode
19th Oct 2011 Oslo Ulla Rode
MARCH  2012    
7th-8th March 2102 Sanford USD MC; South Dakota Bette Schumacher 
10th March 2012 Albuquerque, NM Carol L'Esperance
12th March 2012 Utah Breastfeeding Coalition Amanda Nederostek
15th March 2012 University of the Free State, RSA Vanessa Booysen
16th March 2012 Sensitive Midwifery. Bloemfontein Sr Lilian
17th -21st April 2012 World Association Infant Mental Health  
6th June 2012 Delaware Breastfeeding Conference Macy Helminiak
7th June 2012 Virtua, Marlton NJ Lisa Smith
8th June 2012 La leche League, NYC
Lisa Fortin
11th June 2012 Robert Wood Johnson NJ
Rachel Cruz
12th June 2012 Maryland Coalition Lactation Consultants Peg Merrill
13th June 2012 Nyack Hospital  
13th June 2012 UMC at Princeton Zee Ifan
14th June National Premature Infant Health Coalition Andrea Goodman
27th -29th June 2012 Spain: Breastfeeding Symposium (LLL) Adelina Garcia
20th July 2012 Sensitive Midwifery. Durban Sr Lilian
11th Sept 2012 BTFGLA Gretchen Andrews
12th Sept 2012 NWA - Los Angeles Gretchen Andrews
13th Sept 2012 Visalia Gretchen Andrews
14th Sept 2012 Kaiser Riverside Gretchen Andrews
17th Sept 2012 IEBC at Kaiser Riverside Gretchen Andrews
19th Sept 2012 Merced CA Gretchen Andrews
20th Sept 2012 Monterrey CA
Gretchen Andrews
21 Sept 2012 Napa Valley, CA
Mary Baracco
25th September 2012 Dutch Breastfeeding Association, Holland Lonneke Smits
27th-28th Sept 2012 Denmark (SCA lactation support) Ulla Rode
3rd -4th Oct 2012 Neonatal Nurses association SA, Bloem'  
5th-6th October 2012 La Leche League, South Africa  
11th- October 2012 Psychology Conference, Stellenbosch RSA Stefanie Badenhorst
12th-14th Oct 2102 IAIM International Conference Portugal Laura Charlton
17th October 2012 Gothenburg, Sweden  
22-25th Nov 2012 9th INK Workshop Ahmadabad INDIA  
4th December 2012 Flemish Midwives, Belgium Marlene Reyns
5th December 2012 Belgium (Federal Government) Serena Debonnet
February 2013 Australia / New Zealand  
18th 19th Gold Coast ? Barb Glare
22nd -24th Warrnambool Conference Barb Glare
28th to 1st March Auckland New Zeland Barb Glare
28th -29th May 2013 Portland Oregon Jody Bellant
31st May 2013 OWLA / Melissa Cole
3rd June 2013 North Bay Elaine Langille
4th June 2013 St Josephs Healthcare Hamilton  
5th June 2013 Sunnybrook HSC, Toronto Luisa King
6th to 7th June 2013 BFHI Niagara Falls and Canada Eileen Chuey
12th June 2013 Hunterdon MC, Flemington NJ Jean Jamele
July 2013    
24-28th July 2013 ILCA 2013: Melbourne, Australia Vicki Hobbs
16th October 2013 NOMAS - Las Vegas Marjorie Palmer
17th 18th October 2013 LLL of WI - Milwaukee Wisconsin  Samantha
 19th October Madison  Chris Clark
 21st October Children's Hospital, MN
  Chris Clark
22nd October 2013     Chris Clark
 23rd October 2013  Woodwinds MN   Marilyn
 24th October 2013 GR University of Colorado  Jessica A
 25th-26th October 2013 LLL Colorado/Wyoming - Denver  Heide Lee R
 28th October 2013 Park Nicollet Methodist, MN  Jeanne Hierstein
 29th october 2013  WIC Minnesota   Cindy Jacobson
30th october 2013   Ohio  Ann Brower
31st Oct - 1st November 2013  Washington DC   Marilyn
 27th - 29th November 2013  SAKMCF Conference CAPE TOWN  Nils !!
 21st February 2014  North West London Hospitals, Conferecne  Corina Wilson
24th -27th February 2014 Madrid Conference (Colegio de medicos) Kika Baeza
3rd-4th March 2014 Barcelona - Temas de Vangaurdia ... Ana Maria Morales
18th March 2014 Swedish NIDCAP meeting Bjorn Westrup
10th April 2014 Middlesex Hospital Middlwtown CT Pamela Meharry
14th-15th May 2014 IOWA WIC 25th breastfeeding conf Holly Szcodronski Holly
19th May 2014 NWA 2014 Annual Eduation Nayeli Lucero
20th May 2014 Michigan State University, Lansing Ira Gewolb
10th October 2014 LLL SA Conference, Gauteng, South Africa  
12th October 2014 NOMAS International Symposium, San Francisco Marjorie Palmer
14th October 2014 Doula Association Southern califiornia Ida Reid
 16-17th October Evergreen Healthcare, Seattle  Jeanne Tate
20th-21st October 2014 MedstarWashington Hospital center Loral Patchen
 22nd - 23rd Oct Plattsburgh, NY  Janis Layn
24th October 2014 Buffalo NY Peggy Sheeran
 27th October 2014 Yale, New Haven CT  
 6th-7th November 2014 CPD Course Johannesburg, South Africa 
 Jill Bergman
 17th - 19th November 2014  INK Conference Kigali, Rwanda  Committee
 9th - 10th February 2015  CPD Course DURBAN, South Africa   Jill Bergman
25th February 2015 Louisville, KY      website  Barbara Ruedel
 26th February 2015 Cincinnati Children's, OH     Julie Ware
 27th-28th February 2015  OLCA’ “Breastfest” conference, Ohio  Linda Smith
 2nd March 2015 Charleston VW   
 Cinny Kittle
 3rd March 2015  Columbus Nationwide Childrens  Jenn Goyna
7th  March 2015 Doulas meeting, Madrid, Spain  Kika Baeza
11th March 2015 Albacete Hospital meeting Kika Baeza
12th March 2015 Madrid Spain Isabel del Castillo
15th March 2014 Madrid, SPAIN    kangaroula course  Montse Cob
19th March 2015 Goteborg, Sweden Eva-Maria Wassberg
 19th May 2015  Neonatology meeting UNICEF, London  Liz Freeman
 20th May 2015  Maidstone & Tunbridge  Sarah Gregson
 25-27 May 2015  Stavanger, Norway  
 7-8 August 2015 Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, USA  
 5th 6th November 2015  BioNascimento, Sesimbra, Portugal  Elisa Melo
 16th 17th November 2015
 Gaborone, Botswana  
 18-20 November 2015  South African KMF Foundation Conference  Mitzi Franken
 8th February 2016  Orlando, Florida  Nancy Mohrbacher
10th 11th February 2016  New York University MC  Aviva Kleinman
 16 17 February 2016 Junction City, Kansas  Kristen Noriega
 5-6 March  2016 LLL Ireland  Jan Cromie
 10th March 2016  Seminar, Madrid, Spain  Isabel FdC
14th May 2016 Perth, Austalia, Australia  Jan Cornfoot
16th May 2016 Melbourne, Australia   Jan Cornfoot
17th May 2016 Sydney, Australia   Jan Cornfoot
18th May 2016 Brisbane, Australia   Jan Cornfoot
20th May 2016 Wellington, New Zealand   Jan Cornfoot
21st May 2016 Auckland, New Zealand   Jan Cornfoot