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References for Grand Round: (Obstetrics and paediatrics)

References for Grand Round: (Neonatology)

References for "Perinatal neuroscience and skin-to-skin contact"

References for “The Scientific and Evidence Base for Skin-to-skin Contact” 

References for “Neurologically supportive Labour ward and NICU environments”

References for “Clinical research update on skin-to-skin contact”

References for “A neurobehavioural approach to breastfeeding”, (incl’ breastfeeding premature infants)

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References for specific or customised talks:

Excellence in Paediatrics, Istanbul, December 2011 -  "Skin-to-skin brings latest neuroscience into contact with clinical neonatology"

 Infant Mental Health Group, Cape Town, August 2011     - "The Neurobiology of Attachment"  

Gravens Week, Clearwater Beach FL, January 2011  -    "Skin-to-skin contact as the defining Developmental Environment: A Model to guide Practice Change".    Reference list

Gravens Week, Clearwater Beach FL, January 2011   -  "Developmental Care of the Enteric nervous System"    Reference list

Gravens Week, Clearwater Beach FL, January 2011   - "Empowering Parens for Skin-to-Skin"        Reference list

Gravens Week, Clearwater Beach FL, January 2011   - "Principles and Practice of safe Skin-to-Skin"     Reference list


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 RCT (Randomised Control Trial) References
Bergman NJ, Linley LL, Fawcus SR. Randomized controlled trial of skin-to-skin contact from birth versus conventional incubator for physiological stabilization in 1200- to 2199-gram newborns. Acta Paediatr 2004 June;93(6):779-85.

• RCT Protocol References


Pediatric Clinics of North America:  " Kangaroo Mother Care in the Nursery."   Kirsten G et al     References