Additional Links

These are sites with information about KMC & SSC:

International Network for Kangaroo Mother Care – (“INK”)
Conference and Workshop, November 2012    in Ahmadabad, India

Kangaroo Mother Care Initiative – (India)

South African Kangaroo Mother Care Foundation – (South Africa)

Observations on Skin-to-Skin Contact, by N Lee, RN, MS, IBCLC, CCE

Kangaroo Mother Versus Traditional Care for Newborn Infants ≤2000 Grams: A Randomized, Controlled Trial


These are sites which include KMC products, primarily support breastfeeding

These are sites that support Kangaroo Mother Care

  •  Little Steps                                                

These are sites that  Kangaroo Mother Care Promotions supports !!!     
KidzPositive … make wonderful beadwork